Sowmya Raoh

Sowmya Raoh (born 18 April ??) is an Indian playback singer who has performed in Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu languages.
Sowmya started her career as a singer in south Indian films in 1993, and got a break in Bollywood nine years later. Her major breakthrough happened when composer Sandeep Chowta was looking for a singer who could sing well in Hindi. He chose Sowmya for a song (“Greekuveerudu”) in the Telugu film Ninne Pelladata. The song gave her a much needed breakthrough. She went on to record the song in the Tamil and Hindi versions too.
Sowmya started her career in Bollywood in 2000. Her first assignment was for the song “Soul of Jungle”, followed by a background track for the film Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. Company was her first as a singer in Hindi. By this time she also sang for other Hindi films such as Dum and Bunty Aur Babli.
Having worked with composers such as Ilaiyaraaja and A. R. Rahman, she recorded over 200 songs in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, as of 2006.